Sustainability is the need of the hour. With multiple environmental concerns, it is essential to center the manufacturing and production practices keeping the future in perspective.

While historically, the pharmaceutical industry has been a traditional industry with little focus on innovation or modernizing medicine through technological advancement. However, in recent years, the industry has begun to embrace the potential of technology to improve patient experiences and maximize cost efficiency.

Pinnacle is one of the top CDMO companies in India that prioritizes sustainability in its daily operations and manufacturing processes. As a global industry with complex supply chains, the team members of Pinnacle are working alongside partners to create sustainable changes that will have long-term benefits.

Over time, Pinnacle has assembled a strong group of skilled scientists, technicians, and accredited facilities, which have collectively played a significant role in delivering top-quality healthcare products to the worldwide pharma industry.

At Pinnacle, we take pride in our comprehensive portfolio of medications for acute and chronic health issues. We are notable manufacturers of Rivaroxaban and Apixaban, both being potent anticoagulants that belong to our CNS category.

As part of our ongoing evolution, we have implemented sustainable strategies to advance drug delivery and improve health outcomes while maintaining cost efficiency. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our state-of-the-art research and development centers, where cross-functional teams explore new drug accelerators.

At the forefront of community well-being, our pharmaceutical organization is committed to social responsibility, quality, compliance, and ethical business practices. Our products adhere to strict health and safety standards. Being one of the top CDMO companies in India, integrity, ethics, and commitment guide our path towards health and safety standards.

When talking about sustainability, we cannot rule out Quality Management Systems. At Pinnacle, we regularly assess our operations to enhance their efficiency, relevance, and compliance with global standards. Our commitment to quality management drives us to deliver top-notch products in every batch, ultimately improving lives on a wide scale.

The drug manufacturing process is not a single-step procedure. As a rivaroxaban and apixaban manufacturer, all crucial stages of drug manufacturing, such as formulation, method development, facilities, utility systems, and equipment, are encompassed in our operations.

The Pharmaceutical Quality System consists of four key components, which can be customized and implemented based on the needs of the product life cycle. Since we are a drug development entity, following a quality management regime is crucial. We customize the steps to suit the requirements of the product life cycle. These components do not have a set structure for their application, and they are:

  1. System for monitoring process performance and product quality
  2. Plan of action for taking corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  3. System for managing changes
  4. Management review of process performance and product quality

As pharmaceutical companies move toward small-scale manufacturing for producing targeted medications, it’s essential for manufacturers to implement comprehensive manufacturing line optimizations to ensure a sustainable production process for these therapies.

Achieving customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for any business. Consistently delivering exceptional products and services is crucial to ensuring that customers are content with their experience. By implementing a Quality Management system, top CDMO companies in India can remain responsive to their customers and address their concerns timely and efficiently. With sustainability as one of its core values, Pinnacle is on the road to an efficient future that promises a better and healthier world.

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