Pinnacle, a prominent oncology product manufacturer in India with a 35-year track record of commitment, has established a strong presence in over 90 countries. The company focuses on providing efficient healthcare solutions, and its cutting-edge manufacturing facility produces high-quality formulations that adhere to strict regulatory standards, enabling it to trade globally.

Pinnacle has made significant investments in its research and development, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities, positioning itself for rapid growth in the industry. Its commitment to quality and innovation has set it apart as a leader in the healthcare space.

Pinnacle, has a spanning operation in multiple states of India, has built successful partnerships with over 40 clients and exports its products to more than 90 countries worldwide. The company attributes its scalable success to customer-centric service and a focus on research and development. By partnering with top associates in Canada and the UK, Pinnacle has expanded its reach in the global market.

Let’s look into the production ways and methods that help Pinnacle maintain an international standard.

  1. State-of-art facility

Pinnacle has established a cutting-edge facility in Baddi, certified by the World Health Organization for good manufacturing practices (WHO GMP). The company commits to quality, and various countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Sri Lanka, have approved Pinnacle’s facilities for manufacturing.

As one of the top oncology pharma companies in India, we’ve dedicated our current facility at Baddi to developing oncology solutions. Moreover, the company has a facility approved by the European Union for its regulated markets. Pinnacle has also been providing solutions for Type 2 diabetes as the metformin manufacturer in India and delivering high-quality healthcare solutions to its customers.

  1. PICS Approval

PICS stands for Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme. The overarching mission of PIC/S is to lead the global development, implementation, and maintenance of consistent GMP standards and quality systems for inspectorates operating in the medicinal products industry. By achieving this objective, Pinnacle seeks to facilitate the safe, effective, and reliable production of high-quality medicines and healthcare products worldwide. PICS approval ensures that the drug development and manufacturing process abides by the quality standards as intended by the product specification. While operating as a leading apixaban manufacturer, it is crucial to have a proper system as the guarantor of quality compliance. PICS approval has helped us in setting up the recent oncology facility in Baddi, Chandigarh.

  1. Ensuring Compliance With Health And Safety Standards

Pinnacle has set organizational guidelines to facilitate the manufacturing process that adheres to health and safety standards. With a comprehensive portfolio and a strong presence as a dapagliflozin manufacturer in India, these guidelines confirm the safe and secure development of high-quality, cost-effective generic and innovative products in compliance with health and safety standards.

The following steps help to maintain health and safety standards.

  • Eating, drinking, or smoking is strictly prohibited in the laboratory to prevent contamination.
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment is essential in the laboratory.
  • A head cap is required to eradicate the chances of pollution.
  • Timely risk evaluations
  • Proper handling of chemicals to prevent accidents.

  1. Modified-Release Drug Products and Regulatory Expertise

We conduct extensive research on modified-release products such as sustained-release and controlled-release tablets. Our regulatory and intellectual property rights (IPR) department has cutting-edge patent search tools and syndicated databases with access to various libraries.

Our organization is committed to creating safe, pure, and effective drugs that prioritize the needs of patients while meeting rigorous regulatory standards. Pinnacle also helps its clients through API development and manufacturing. An in-house IP Management team takes care of the patent evaluation. These factors are crucial for a prominent drug manufacturer to establish a healthier way of life.


Our primary objective is to engage in active research to improve the quality of life for people. We invest a significant portion of our revenue in intensive research and development, which enables us to create groundbreaking formulations.

To meet the growing demand for innovative dosage forms, Pinnacle, as a dapagliflozin manufacturer in India, has assembled a team of dedicated formulation scientists and equipped them with modern equipment. This allows us to continually improve our formulation technologies and develop new products that push the boundaries of what is currently possible.

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